Tuesday, 20 September 2011

St Vincent of our two ladies speaks to us again.

Yesterday, September 19th, 2011, at the Liberal Democrat party conference in Birmingham, St Vincent of our two ladies told us we were at war with money or the lack of it. Perhaps a colleague in his party who still holds sincerely to liberal values will tell him that many of  our community have been waging this battle for much much longer than the time it takes to boast to two pretty girls about a man's power and prowess. The financial crisis, which for as long as he could hold out, St Vincent has blamed entirely on the previous government, has now, according to "his sanctity, the Vincent" segued to one which lots of foreign people have caused. Not to worry though, St. Vincent is going to sort it all out by making sure that the Chief Executive Officers of big private companies will in the future spit out more in taxes than us poor to middling people have already been coughing up for some time. Yes we can really feel assured. This is the same St Vincent (though he was not at the time suffixed by the epithet "of our two ladies") who said before the last general election that the New Labour government could if it wished to do so, "immediately" cut the undue amount of bonuses those pirhana-like money grabbers at the banks were paying themselves. He said that's what he would do if he were in power.  Well folks, it turns out what Vincent, the Sanctified  meant by "immediately" was that he was gambling on the hope that in seven years we will have forgotten about asking the unduly rich to stop awarding themselves untold sums of spondulak  made upon the backs of the labour, as well as the tolerance and patience, of us poor folks. Let's not even mention the rather awkward embarrassment of those who are not just poor but who have nothing at all and who feel they have nothing to lose.

Except, that in all this I forgot about Mr Clarke's feral underclass which riots and steals and burns down big shops. Well, I declare, that's just unforgivable and very hurtful to those who fleece  us, in supposedly legitimate ways, of the rewards of our efforts.

So we pray to you St.Vincent of our two ladies, please don't tax those who own big houses too much, just make sure that they allow the homeless to live with them in their houses and that they share with them, their food, and the money to buy it. 
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