Saturday, 11 May 2013

Thanks for everything Rab, and time for further reparation by Dundee Football Club

In putting the record straight, I should mention that earlier this week I was critical of the way Dundee FC had handled the departure of Rab Douglas. I was delighted  while reading my text commentary from Dens Park  this afternoon to learn that those truly goalkeeping legends - Rab Douglas and Pat Liney - did a lap of honour around the park to give the big man and the fans a chance to say "cheerio" to each other.

I am grateful to Dundee FC for facilitating this and from 500 miles away I want to thank Rab for all the exciting times he has given me and no doubt every Dundee supporter over the years. He's a great goalkeeper and as far as I can judge he is a man with a passion and a heart for Dundee Football  Club.

No doubt  a similar opportunity will be provided to the man who has been treated most abysmally in this period of shabbiness at Dundee Football Club. Anyone with an ounce of decency and conscience will know who I mean. I am sure however he would, with good reason,  refuse it. Unlike the people who employed him his soul cannot be bought.

I'll be at Easter Road next Saturday.
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