Friday, 20 March 2015

Nick Clegg : Mummy's boy

This evening 20th March, 2015, I was gladdened to watch a mother's love being exercised  towards her  - I'm afraid, deservedly -  marooned boy. In the name of humanity, surely the most insincere of men, like, for instance, Mr Nick Clegg the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party deserves someone to fall back on for comfort, even if he has dredged in the deepest depths of deceit.

A feature on tonight's BBC 10 o'clock news (Friday,March 20th, 2015) showed how Mr. Clegg's pretty well off mother didn't like the way people criticised her pretty well off wee boy for the decisions he has made in politics.

Even the BBC reporter, James Landau was markedly upset for him, though the BBC man got it wrong about the principal reason for a large section of the electorate's dismay with Mr. Clegg. It wasn't -  as James Landau suggested  - Mr Clegg's  reneging on student fees after the 2010 general election which  outraged voters, bad though that was. It wasn't one of Mr. Clegg's other pallid and ineffective interventions like his failure to deliver proportional representation. Far exceeding these disappointments was his promise to would be Labour voters that the Liberal Democrat Party would be more radical than New Labour.  Many of us took Mr. Clegg at his word and voted for his party. Sadly the rest is not history but the painful present.  Mr Clegg and his power crazed cronies presented us with a Tory government. More need not be said.

Come the General Election we will not forget Mr. Clegg's cynical dismissal of our votes.

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