Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Our own kind of terrorism

Following yesterday’s bombing in Brussels I find myself torn apart, facing quite determinedly in two directions. I condemn the murder of innocent human beings. Murderous terrorism should not be used to resolve issues even if it is carried out by those who claim to represent people who are being victimised and treated in one way or another unjustly.  I also condemn the military intervention of  western and Russian governments to secure by military action their own commercial interests in a region where they  have no right to suzerainty. Over many years innocent people in that region have been and are being killed on a daily basis as a direct and indirect consequence of inept military and political interference by external powers   I believe this interference is a root cause of the outrageous acts of bloody and murderous terrorism we are witnessing. 

We are right to condemn the murder of innocent people in Brussels and each of the other places where in recent decades terrorists have carried out their heinous acts,  but shouldn’t we be contrite about our own kind of terrorism towards innocent people in the middle east ? 

Should we even at this dreadful time be talking about how to resolve differences peacefully ?  Should we examine the whole issue and not just our own interests in it ? 

Each of us can have murderous feelings when events like those which happened in Brussels yesterday occur. We often have ambiguous feelings too. After all it is not too long ago that the United Kingdom had a very powerful and influential prime minister who considered Nelson Mandela a terrorist. 

Well, was he or wasn’t he?
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