Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My Wee Pal,"Me", the BBC, Democracy, the "Most Powerful Man" in Britain, and a Gable End in Leith

I was watching the TV last night and a BBC reporter on the six o'clock news,  while commenting about the new investment programme in even more nuclear energy, referred to David Cameron as "the most powerful man in Britain,"   and here was I not thinking that along with every person who has the right to vote in this country, I was the most powerful person in Britain? I mean that's what the politicians and the media like to tell me to think when they are talking about free speech and letting me know how great it is to live in a  "democracy" like ours. I really like to believe this last bit of their message.

Sunshine on Leith : pictures of some of the most powerful people in Britain

Perhaps you'll say that in thinking like this I'm just too much of an unweaned bairn and that the world of media and politics is so busy feeding and being fed by the members of its own small clique, giving each other bigger and bigger helpings of power and wealth, that we can hardly expect it to have time to be concerned about serving us, all the other most powerful people in Britain.  Well,  I just can't swallow that.

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