Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Dens Road Market

I was up seeing the Dundee match against Falkirk last weekend  and instead of getting a bus or a taxi from the station up to the famous stadium, I walked through the Wellgate, and then up the Victoria Road and round the bend on to the Dens Road to get to Dens Park. And what do I find on my way ? The Dens Road Market is closed. 

A closed Dens Road Market, Saturday, November 16, 2013

Of course this may be history to people living in the town but it was news, and sad news for me but I guess everything under the sun has its day and goes.  It says on a notice that its moved tae the Hulltoon or something but surely it cannae be the same as it was in the glory days of the 70s and the 80s. 
So, so many great second hand bargains and first hand memories.


Joyce Billingham writes

Never to be forgotten .

Jennie Thomas recounts

That's very sad - my man and I bought our first furniture together at Dens Rd. I also have happy memories of stovies and bingo from visits there as a child.

Stuart Russon remembers

Yeah, its sad.... My memories are similar, I can hear the bingo caller's tuneful number calling even now. I used to opt for the mince roll rather than the stovies and I remember buying a Madness LP at the record stall. Following the trip to Dens Road Market we would have to sit and wait in Grandad's Volvo whilst Grannie and Grandad went round the Cash & Carry. Our patience would then be rewarded with sweets and a drive up the Law Hill.

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