Wednesday, 20 January 2016

My granddaughter and the milk lady

Those who assiduously read this blog, and I am grateful to the number who do, will know that I have two grandsons, S and J, who occupy a great deal of my thinking. Well, now my eldest daughter, my stepdaughter, A, and her partner, S, have got together to provide the world with a new baby girl, our beautiful granddaughter, N. She too now occupies my thinking.

Since N first made her appearance on Planet Earth she has firmly established her presence and status. At first known as "Her Royal Tininess, the Princess N", she has variously been addressed as "Her Not so Royal Tininess, the Princess N", and "Her Royal Bossiness, the Princess N".

Now six weeks old, the Princess N, is very aware of her superior station, and in an email she condescended to have one of her servants relay to me last night, she referred to her mother as "the milk lady."
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