Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Mair thochts fae James Kelman

Eh'm doon in the dumps again. Fowks fa ken me will avow tae meh  passionate disgust about the injustice o' the UK's waye o' runnin' things. It fair maks meh blood byle. Eh dinnae ken aboot you.

In meh work, every singul day Eh’m seeing how pair fowk are suffering' fae the fawse words o' the politickers, wha promise a' thing and dae nocht but hairm.

The makar Kelman kens it weel. Here's whit he said aince.

In an occupied country indigenous history can only be radical. It is a class issue. The intellectual life of working class people is ‘occupied’. In a colonised country intellectual occupation takes place throughout society. The closer to the ruling class we get the less difference there exists in language and culture, until finally we find that questions fundamental to society at its widest level are settled by members of the same closely knit circle, occasionally even the same family or ‘bloodline’. And the outcome of that can be war, the slaughter of working class people.
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