Monday, 22 April 2013

A new role for schools : getting ready for OFSTED

Now that I'm ancient and to an extent befuddled, the only real recreation I have is enjoying conversations with people. In the days, months and years  before I became a shirker living on my gold plated public service pension I was a teacher and a social worker. I have kept in touch with many teachers. A number are still prepared to hold conversations with me.

Naturally I want to know how things are going on for them as teachers.  I don't know about you, perhaps you've asked a teacher about this too recently, but every time I ask a teacher how things are going on at school they don't talk about the kids they are teaching or about a great lesson they had the other day when the children discovered exciting things about  the link between energy on earth and the sun's rays. No, each one invariably answers, "It's a bit stressful just now, I'm getting ready for  OFSTED".

Forgive my naivety but I always thought that a school was a place where children could discover and learn things but now I find it is a venue for teachers who constantly have a need to prepare for  OFSTED.

Please accept my apologies. Things move so quickly these days. I just can't keep up with these new fangled ideas. I hope the kids approve of it all. 
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