Monday, 29 June 2015

Oh! how the mighty 'hard working' have fallen!

It's just a few short weeks since those halycon days before the general election when the Conservative Party loved all of us 'hard working people." But, oh! my!  -  how swiftly we have plummeted in our natural born leaders' estimation.We have proved in very short shrift to be an utter let down to those Etonians who govern us. The Daily Telegraph, a media organ known to represent Conservative views (a bit like the BBC does really) has declared our manufacturing workforce a national disgrace and it's all because they have been given tax credits to compensate them for their sub-poverty pay levels.

"What incentive, " The Daily Telegraph and no doubt its readers ask,"is paying tax credits to getting these people to work harder ? Stop their benefits, then at least they'll be forced to work longer hours. Don't they realise they are on low wages because they're lazier than the French and Germans?"*

A disgraceful British manufacturing worker: 

"And," they go on to say,"the effrontery of those Greeks who think that cutting public servants' wages and their pensions by over 50% is wrong! Well, at least we're sorting that out over here. Deeper, still and deeper shall our austerity go - that's the kind of medicine these slackers will understand.  We're sacking all our public servants  and getting profit-making organisations to re-employ some of them in their old jobs, paying them half of what they used to earn - yes, without those gold-plated employment rights or pensions -  and to cover all the angles we're putting them on zero hours contracts so that if their faces don't fit, or if they complain about what's happening to them, they can be got rid of willy-nilly, at the drop of a hat. Ah, that feels better, now let's see how my shares are doing."

''What about feeding their kids?" one of those Jeremy Corbyn lovers dares to ask.

"Well, they should have thought of that before they decided to have kids."

* See 'British productivity is a national disgrace'  at the Daily Telegraph

This blog was not written by the Charles Sharpe who promised not to write any more sarcastic pieces but is written by the Charles Sharpe who still does.

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