Thursday, 27 August 2015

No news for a month

In a daydream this morning I wondered what it would be like if we could have no news printed, broadcast or internetted for a month.  Yes ! what about for a month or maybe even only a week, having no engagement with our 'free press', (a phrase that is, I think,  mainly synonymous with promoting the agenda of the rich and powerful).  No doubt in these days this fantasy of mine is not a possibility but I found it satisfying for a few moments to ponder over what we might discover about ourselves in that time. With no politicians, no media pundits, no experts to tell us what and how we should be thinking, doing or complying with, would our minds become blank, vacant spaces, void of thought?

No News

Better perhaps to imagine that finding ourselves freed from ceaselessly heeding the narcissistic pontifications of thought and information suppliers, we would discover our true selves with new found licence to think about what we really wanted to think about.

Maybe we'd think and do more about helping our families, our neighbours, our communities, and strangers, but perhaps more significantly we might discover   - and I am trying extremely hard not to be hoist by my very own petard -  that without all these distant self-satisfied, self-interested and self-important voices pressing upon us, thinking for ourselves is in itself a freeing experience.

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