Friday, 6 November 2015

Ritchie the dog and The Great Libran : probably more about people than dogs

Ritchie the dog : I was never sure whether Ritchie liked me or not but I think he quite liked himself

I repeat here that often quoted dog owner's remark, “If only I were half as good a person as my dog seems to think I am,”  because for me this doggy witticism associates with a characteristic of those human beings – and I consider myself to be one  -   who have been brought up to believe it is not a good thing to admit to feeling worthy of praise.  On the other hand I hope I am not the only person who, when  complimented will immediately and effusively dismiss any accolade as undeserved, while being aware of a little person inside waving a flag and crying out,  “Three cheers for me.”

This has all been a preamble to my recollection of advice given one day in 1998 by the Evening Standard astrologer, Peter Watson, to people born under my birth sign, Libra.  Like many of you I don’t pay any attention to all that astrological forecasting nonsense......

Oh yeah ?

..…. but this horoscope of astrological insight , sorry, nonsense

 -  which, let me tell you right now I, with blushing modesty and humility, utterly dismiss  -  just won't let me quieten that little man inside who would really like to believe that this textual portrait of the tragic yet heroic Great Libran bears with it a real resemblance to him.

As for Ritchie the dog, he could handle praise.  He had a sure sense of himself and his significance.

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