Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Beware being called a legend at Dens Park

Don't be  tempted to become a legend at Dundee Football Club. Two people,  Barry Smith and Rab Douglas, both important in the history of the club were designated by senior officials of the club as "legends" only to be unceremoniously dismissed. It was to be hoped that this kind of treatment of employees was exercised for the last time when a previous directorial regime sacked Jocky Scott.

Great clubs treat their "legends" in a dignified way, while shabby clubs don't. From the first Saturday I attended a match* at Dens Park in the very early 1950s  -  when the gateman let my friend Gerry and me in for free at half time  -  I have believed that Dundee Football Club has great stature and by that I don't just mean winning leagues and cups.

I still think it is a great club whose senior management personnel need to stop behaving shabbily.

*The match was against Falkirk and we won 2-1.

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