Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Three Dundee FC directors resign, no Texan dollars but something to be proud of : DFC Supporters' Society, a group with integrity and courage.

Congratulations to Dundee FC Supporters' Society for standing up to the Texan investment group's attempt to bounce it into accepting its offer. Why is it that  people who claim they have the interests of an institution at heart when they are seeking to take it over so often tend to set unreasonable deadlines. Well, I could be wrong but I think this usually happens when someone is trying to buy something for a good deal less than it's worth. If this Texan group really did have the interests of  Dundee Football Club at heart why couldn't it wait for the due processes to take place ? After all who is the attempted takeover group's frontman John Nelms anyway ?  Why should the Dundee FC Supporters' Society jump to his bidding ?

I wonder too why the three directors of the board, Mr. Colvin, Mr. Martin and Mr Crichton, who have decided to resign over the Supporters' Society decision were unwilling to take more time to consider the takeover proposal more carefully. Don't they think it would be worth waiting to see if the Texan group really wanted to takeover the club rather than purchase it for a snip ?

By the way, I went to the Hibs match on May 18th at Easter Road where I thought the team were not as impressive as they had been in the scoreless draw on the last occasion in January when the sides met at Easter Road. On that occasion Dundee, adopting the positive tactics Barry Smith encouraged the team to play,  were unlucky not to win. It was at that game we could begin to see the potential of the approach the former manager had been working so hard to develop.

There was as usual great support from the Dundee fans in Edinburgh though unlike last time I was the only Dundee fan having a pint at the Artisan Bar after the match. Certainly there were no board members there this time. Perhaps the whiff of Texan dollars was drawing them elsewhere.

No DFC VIPs in the Artisan Bar this time around

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