Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ben Nevis will lose Munro status if there is a YES vote, BBC reports

According to a source which it is not yet prepared to reveal BBC Scotland reports that should the YES campaign be successful in the Scottish Referendum on September 18th, Ben Nevis, Scotland's and the UK's highest mountain will lose its Munro status and will no longer be over 3,000 feet high which is the minimum height for any self-respecting mountain. It is predicted that the Ben's height (currently 4,406 feet) will collapse on the mountain markets by at least 1500 feet and will stand at only 2,906 feet in height.

Leaked BBC diagram of the projected statistics about the fate of the Ben

This is the most recent in a series of BBC reports which have not too subtly implied the certainty of the collapse of all the assets of Scotland should the YES campaign be successful and in this case the BBC is providing this information  for  Munrobaggers in order that they may be prepared for a disappointment should the referendum result go the wrong way for  them.

Earlier today I approached The Royal Geographical Society and The Ordnance Survey and though these organisations could not confirm the findings of this report, given all the other slightly hooded dire prognostications the BBC has made for a post-YES Scotland, these august bodies were not prepared to say the report had no foundation.

In the last few minutes a BBC spokesperson has announced, "In line with the BBC Scotland's unbiased and balanced treatment of the Scottish Referendum issue, the BBC is not at this stage  prepared to make any further comment on this matter but it stands by its report."

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